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Get to know my blog!

Get to know my blog!



+39 333 541 3961

+39 333 541 3961

Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

Acireale, 95024- Catania


Family-friendly adventures and experiences in Sicily

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Welcome to SICILIA FAMILY TOUR, a network of services, family tours, excursions, city tours, experiences and personalized advice to support families traveling in Sicily.

Sicilia Family Tour, is committed to making your vacation in Sicily unforgettable. Our mission is to offer tailor-made travel experiences for families, putting the well-being and happiness of children and parents at the center. We are driven by a passion for Sicily and a desire to share with you and your family the beauty and cultural richness of this beautiful island.


My name is Chiara, better known as Claire in Sicily

a travel blog for families in Sicily which since 2017 has become the point of reference for many parents who want to discover this splendid island together with their children.

Like you, I am a parent, I am a mother (I have three children) and I completely understand all your needs. Traveling with children is not always easy, but with the right organization it can be a moment of growth and experiences to share forever.

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I am a hiking guide, professional travel blogger and travel designer.

Etna Family Tours were born in 2020, after the birth of my third child. Since I started writing for my blog, telling all our experiences around Sicily, I realized that something was missing for families. A (concrete) network of services for families, which would allow them to discover Sicily in a more accessible and child-friendly way. Thus I started my tourist agency which offers excursions and experiences for families with children in Sicily.
During my journey, thanks to my experience in the field and my profession as a hiking and environmental guide, I have explored far and wide the woods and paths of Etna and the Sicilian nature reserves.

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I tested it on my own skin, logged kilometers and studied constantly.

At the beginning I had no idea where to go, when I took my babies on some trails I didn't know I had serious difficulties. Carrying the stroller? A challenge. Walking them without knowing how long? 


Impossible! I thought to myself: someone should map these trails, and someone should make them usable for families with children to visit as well.
I didn't wait for someone to do it for me. I did it myself. That's why I'm here today! I am here to offer you a personalized, tailored and 100% family friendly service.

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I had the honor of welcoming numerous families from all over the world

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My story is characterized by an unwavering commitment to creating extraordinary itineraries that meet the needs of every family. We have explored every corner of Sicily, discovering hidden treasures, age-old traditions and gastronomic delights that we want to share with you and your family.


We are a diverse team of tourism industry experts, local guides, and Sicilian culture enthusiasts. Each member of our team shares the same mission: to create authentic and unforgettable experiences for you and your family. 


We are proud of the diversity of our skills and perspectives, which enable us to offer a comprehensive and personalized service.

In this adventure I am not alone, Sicilia Family Tour in fact can count on a team of experienced, passionate and competent guides.


Filippo, the jester of Etna 

I am Filippo, I was born clutching Etna in my left hand and the Ionian Sea in my right.
I am an actor and a juggler, I grew up in Theater and Circus. Licensed as a Nature Guide, I turned my Love for Etna and Nature into a job, and became the Jester of Etna. 
I enjoy Big Bang Theory and Doctor House, pizza-maxi, swimming in the pool, time with Luna (my 4-legged daughter), and stracciatella ice cream.


Raffaella, the bat-woman  

I am Raffaella, a certified guide in eastern Sicily.

The protagonist of all my adventures is always nature in all its aspects, to be savored with all five senses and experienced guided by curiosity!


I share my explorations naturally and spontaneously, especially when it is the hearts of children that receive them.


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