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Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

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Exploring Etna with Children: 5 Unforgettable Family Adventures

2024-01-17 10:19



bambini che si arampica su un albero al parco avventura sull'Etna

Etna with children: 5 fun activities to do as a family!

Mt. Etna, with its incredible landscapes and unique adventure opportunities, offers an unforgettable experience for families with children. If you are planning a holiday on Etna and are looking for engaging activities for the little ones, you are in the right place. Let's discover together five exciting activities that will make your visit to Etna unforgettable for the whole family.

Acrobatic courses at the adventure park

un bambino che gioca al Parco Avventura Etna Milo

For an exciting and fun experience for the whole family, the adventure parks on Etna are a perfect choice. Children will have the opportunity to climb trees, overcome obstacles and enjoy the surrounding nature in a safe and controlled environment.

There are 3 adventure parks on Etna: you can combine a family friendly excursion and then spend the afternoon at the Adventure Park!

  1. Etnavventura - Serra la Nave
  2. Monti Rossi Adventure Park- Nicolosi
  3. Etna-Milo Adventure Park

Etna excursion for families with children

una famiglia in escursione sull'Etna

An excursion to Etna is an educational and fascinating experience for the whole family . Our expert guides will lead you and your family through unique volcanic landscapes and tell you about the geological history of the area. Make sure you choose a family-friendly excursion , with kid-friendly routes and informative stops that will keep little ones interested.

Book your Etna Family Tour

Trekking with donkeys

una famiglia in escursione a dorso d'asino sull'Etna

A fun and original alternative to exploring the Etna countryside with children is donkey trekking . Children will love this unusual adventure as they travel the country paths riding these cute animals. Donkey ride tours are designed to meet the needs of families, offering a unique and safe experience for the little ones.

Book your donkey trekking!

Visit the Lava Museum

bambini che giocano al museo della lava sull'Etna

For an immersion in the volcanic history of Etna, visit the Viagrande Lava Museum . This museum offers interactive and educational displays about Etna's past eruptions, allowing children to better understand the geological world around them. It will be an opportunity to learn while having fun and appreciate the power of nature.

To find out more read here

Circumnavigate Etna with the historic train

circumetnea sull'Etna

One of the most picturesque and relaxing activities is circumnavigating Etna with the historic train, the circumetnea (or littorina as we locals call it).

Children will love the thrill of traveling on an authentic toy train through enchanting countryside scenery. This experience offers a unique perspective on Etna and allows the family to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area in complete comfort.

For more information on timetables, consult the official website.

If you are planning a holiday on Etna with children, these five activities offer a perfect mix of adventure, learning and fun.

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